DuraBalloons are the new stronger balloons for your business or event.  Businesses and events that use balloons know that they save money and time with DuraBalloons.  Here are some of the advantages:

  • DuraBalloons are stronger than standard no helium balloons. These are the only internally seamless air-filled permanent and reusable balloons on the market today.
  • Whether you are looking to create a festive atmosphere or just attract attention, DuraBalloon products stand tall and never look tired
  • The short lifespan, chalky appearance and overall hassle of conventional helium-filled balloons are a headache of the past. Specially engineered plastic polymers with metallic flake keep them looking shiny, brilliant, and fade-free for months to years!
  • Choose from a variety of twist-lock applications to give the 24/7 high impact you need to succeed!

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